Buffalo Horn Teardrop Saddle Spreaders

Buffalo Horn Teardrop Spreaders

The below measurements are approximate. Width is measured from outside edge to outside edge. Height is measured from top to bottom outside edge to outside edge.

7/16" [11mm] measure 13mm tall by 12mm wide

1/2" [12.5mm] measure 15mm tall by 13mm wide

9/16" [14mm] measure 16mm tall by 15mm wide

5/8" [16mm] measure 18mm tall by 18mm wide

11/16" [18mm] measure 20mm tall by 20mm wide

3/4" [19mm] measure 23mm tall by 22mm wide

7/8" [22mm] measure 25mm tall by 24mm wide

1" [25mm]measure 26mm tall by 27mm wide

1 1/8"  [28mm] measures 30mm tall by 29mm wide

1-1/4"  [32mm] measure 33mm tall by 33mm wide

1-1/2"  [38mm]measure 35mm tall by 34mm wide

40mm measure 38mm tall by 37mm wide

1-3/4 [44mm] measure 40mm tall by 40mm wide

2" [51mm] measure 44mm tall by 43mm wide

The listed size for this saddle design is the minimum size required for insertion. 

They can be worn in lobes larger than the listed size.