Buffalo Horn Tall Teardrop Tunnels Inlaid with Ebony

Buffalo Horn Tall Teardrop Tunnels Inlaid with Ebony

Teardrops have the same circumference at any given size as round plugs in that same size, example 1" rounds have the same circumference as 1" teardrops. Buffalo horn has a high level of comfort due to the structure of the material. It is lighter and more durable than comparable jewelry made out of synthetic materials and is suitable for people with allergies to synthetics.

Buffalo Horn is a natural material with growth lines in the horn itself. These growth lines come in various colours and can be seen in the finished jewelry.

These are not "faults" or "blemishes" they are a integral parts of the natural material and distinguish the horn as genuine.

Some "horn" jewelry from Indonesia is in fact black chemical resin sold as genuine horn. This chemical synthetic resin material can easily be discovered easily as it burns like plastic with thick black smoke and turns into a black ball where as genuine horn burns clean and turns into a grey ash powder.


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