Collection: July 2020: Septum and Nose Jewelry

22 products
  • Horn Septum Tusks
  • Horn Septum Curved Tusks
  • Horn Spikes
  • Shell Spikes
  • Dark Raintree Septum Tusks
    Black Wood Septum Tusks
  • Blood Wood Septum Tusks
    Red Wood Septum Tusks
  • Coconut Palm Septum Tusks
    Coconut Palm Septum Tusks
  • Hevea Wood Septum Tusks
    White Wood Septum Tusks
  • Fijian Mahogany Septum Tusks
    Bronze Wood Septum Tusks
  • Dark Raintree Septum Spikes
    Black Wood Septum Spikes
  • Blood Wood Septum Spikes
    Red Wood Septum Spikes
  • Fijian Mahogany Septum Spikes
    Bronze Wood Septum Spikes
  • Horn Nose Hoops
  • Horn Septum Tusks with Indent
  • Shell Tusks with Indent
  • Dark Raintree Nose Bones
    Black Wood Nose Bone
  • Blood Wood Nose Bones
    Red Wood Nose Bone
  • Fijian Mahogany Nose Bones
    Bronze Wood Nose Bone
  • Buffalo Horn Nose Bones
    Buffalo Horn Nose Bone
  • Blood Wood Bullet Keeper
    Red Wood Septum Bullet Keeper
  • Fijian Mahogany Bullet Keeper
    Bronze Wood Septum Bullet Keeper
  • Buffalo Horn Bullet Keeper
    Buffalo Horn Septum Bullet Keeper